Sunday, March 02, 2008

starting the motor, finishing the thesis

less than two weeks. I keep telling myself that there is no time to slack off, there is no more time left for that at all. but still, i take my time.

I am working on perhaps the most difficult chapter of the beast, also known as Fabrizio, today. It is the second chapter that deals with all the theoretical stuff about de Chirico's metaphysical painting. It's crazy stuff. I just need to make things clear and readable. We'll see how that'll happen.

Trying to take little baby steps after having spent yesterday with my Mom. She was in town (yay!) and we had lunch together, saw Herbie Hancock host Cultural Rhythms and witness all the ridiculous talent that exists in this community, and then had dinner. It was truly wonderful to have the mother around, having family around is always a beautifully comforting and sustaining presence.

So, for now, the words are flowing, I must get back to the chapter... oh god...

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