Friday, March 07, 2008

Reconceptualization of Space!!

Stefan gets ideas in the shower. This I've learned.

This morning was no different as I ruminated of a night spent procrastinating and not finishing up chapter 2. And somehow naked in the shower, I realized that one paragraph in Chapter 1 talking about de Chirico's learned lessons from Paris. Reconceptualization of space.

It just hit me, bubbled to the surface, as if wreckage from a sinking ship. And then it hit me, this is a good idea. I started saying the phrase out loud. "Reconceptualization of space." And then more ideas flew in, I could footnote this and that, oh good, oh snap Stefan. "Reconceptualization of space."

But then I said, well what the fuck are you doing?, your computer's in the next room. I shut the shower. I dried off. I brushed my teeth. "Recog-epuli-ation of pace" And rushed to my computer to write myself a little note in Chapter 1.

So now I can go to work (I have to earn actual money sometime), knowing that my idea has been captured and recorded.

And later I'll write about the reconceptualization of space.

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