Saturday, August 18, 2007

a silent wish spoken

The last time I was home I went to the inauguration of the Hope and Cope Center, a home designed by my father converted into a multi-purpose complex to help those with cancer lead full lives while dealing with their reality. At the end of the ceremony we were given a small triangular box. Within, there was a monarch butterfly, waiting to fly. A native american legend states that if you would like a wish to come true, all you have to do is whisper to a butterfly and let it fly. Since the winged messenger is silent, the secret can only be revealed to Him. Releasing the butterfly will allow the wish to rise to the heavens where it will be fulfilled.

It was such a special moment to open the little box and find a Monarch butterfly peacefully enclosed. Once opened, the red-and-orange beauties let their wings open and close, while listening to the wishes, before taking flight.

I was reminded of this moment this week; Monarch butterflies have been floating around Cambridge. I thought maybe my butterfly had returned to visit. Although I don't remember what I wished for, it felt as if the message had been delivered. These little harbingers of hope floating around, flapping their radiant wings in a silent and delicate language of flight and communication.

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