Friday, September 16, 2005

Welcome Chaos

So I've arrived at Harvard for year two and, against my expectations, it's overwhelming. It may be the new room with the huge windows that makes me feel like I'm in a display case, or it may be the dramatic rise in the number of people aged 18-24 that I see on a daily basis. Yet it could just be that summer is over and the car I'm driving has left the seaside and gone straight for the mad break-neck traffic of the city. Just need to speed up.

While trying to get courses together, find a job, seek out fun extra-curriculars and stay in touch with friends, Cambridge burgeons with energy simply because of the sheer number of students around. Working in Cambridge this summer was fun but there was a select group of people that I saw every day and a set path to and from work. Within the first two days of arriving at Harvard for school, I've been all around town: shopping for little odds and ends, talking to professors, tracking down friends and trying to find some peace of mind. Throw in a little yoga and life should be just fine.

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