Friday, September 02, 2005


At least five times this summer, I have witnessed that primitive, below the belt exciting, vulgar act of males towards females. Whoa, hold on, hear me out. It's simply a woman walking down the street and a small group of men following her with their eyes, like a rotating tripodded camera, and linger while she walks away. Is it really that exciting? To gawk at another? To lust after someone else in vain?
Eyes have always been dangerous organs. When two pairs lock, wild things can happen. At the same time, when coupled with curiosity, eyes can show you the world in all its forms. It's because I was observant that I saw these tripod men (oh my, I just realized that has unintended meaning...) follow women with their heads. Does it assert their masculinity? Their heterosexuality?
I'd rather make meaningful contact with people, play the game of getting to know someone, or trying to pursue them. Not just stare at them while they walk away, both demeaning them and elevating them.
Maybe I am being to harsh. People are allowed to admire beauty and be knocked off guard by someone walking by. There simply was something routine in what I witnessed, the men who stopped their work and let their eyes scan up and down and follow... follow as she walks away.


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