Friday, May 09, 2014

Get in the boat.

At Frieze New York 2014 opening today, artist Marie Lorenz is offering tours of the East River in a handmade rowboat (below). 

It reminds me of Joana Vasconcelos and the Portuguese pavilion (below) at the Venice Biennale last year with its wild interior and azulejos decor also went for a meander from the fairgrounds.

There was also an incredible 2011 project a few years ago at the Wapping Project featuring the finale wedding dress from Yohji Yamamoto's 1998 collection worn by an illuminated mannequin suspended from the ceiling above a flooded former boiler room. The only way to experience the work was 2-by-2 in a rowboat. The installation project was part of a feature of the artist on in and throughout the V&A.

So are you getting in the art boat? 

I am a fan of committing to these meditative voyages, as the usual modality for viewing art (art fairs especially) seems to crave immediate impact at a speedy pace. Getting into the boat and going at the slower pace, swaying with the water, or advancing with the human efforts of the paddle,  rewinds our technological evolution, it acknowledges our roots, the path traversed. There is a journey. There is another perspective to embrace. I come back to the art, back to close observation, getting lost in expression, experience.

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