Monday, November 19, 2012

The Deeper

The deeper I go in my yoga practice, the more flexible I become. Yet, the more flexible I become, the more I need to keep track of my joints, making sure my shoulders don't go too far. The gift of depth, I have discovered isn't rewarded by an easy ride, a pass go and collect $200, but renewed and extended awareness. This was a realization I made a while ago, the fact that the path doesn't get any easier, just more subtle, delicate and attentive. Awareness of self, of body, is a presence that can happen ALL the time. No sit back and relax. But that doesn't mean that awareness is a chore; although it may seem tiring at first, it really is a wonder. I have discovered that my body is an incredibly responsive being in its own right. Attention, insight, mindfulness can tap into amazing energy.

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