Monday, June 04, 2012

At Work for the Jubilee

I don't think I've made so much coffee in my life.

Yesterday I worked at my cafe, Violet, participating in the Wilton Way Street Party celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. While I didn't see much of the street from my station behind our La Spaziale espresso machine, the atmosphere in the cafe was festive and we were busy!

I spent today recovering and decided to take a stroll around Regent Park's Rose Garden. And, of course, I found the rose named Diamond Jubilee. Only fitting.

Some images of Violet's cupcake decorations, homemade bunting and the Diamond Jubilee Rose to send you off.


ewa monika zebrowski said...

What is homemade bunting!? EMZ

Stefan said...

Bunting is what is in photo number 4, usually a string of upside-down triangles, most times bearing flag patterns, that are quite festive and flap in the wind. Google it!