Sunday, December 11, 2011


From doing copious amounts of yoga, I have learned to be introspective or, rather, I have learned to honour my introspective nature. At the same time, the practice of yoga has taught me to tune into adjusting parts of my body and learning to do things I never thought possible. Tuck my tailbone under? Sure. Externally rotate my left thigh? No problem. It is truly a wonder to see how far my practice has brought me in seven years.

With this focused introspection, I have also attuned to an intuition regarding my body, my moods and, generally, the change of my own personal sphere when in interaction with the world. This week, eating eggs doesn't seem to agree with me. Certain social situations drain my confidence from me. These are just things that are. This sort of awareness is truly a gift, and more so a self practice I must constantly hone.

Recently I have noticed with more acuity the point on my body where stress and tension build up. I always knew my hips were tight and that pigeon pose could be so very frustrating. I have also always known that I need to work on my core strength, forever more. And while I knew I held tension in my shoulders, I have recently realized that there is a spot around my right shoulder blade that knots and twists when stress beats down. I don't know how to explain it. I also don't know (nor am I searching for) the cure for it. I just realize it to be the manifestation of stress for me individually, for my body, for my experience.

And there is something to that self knowledge.

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Amelia said...

:-) so proud of your ever-blooming self-knowledge. And my stress pools at the same place. In fact, I've marked it, front and back, with tattoos. I thought that calling the points by name and offering them a conduit to the surface might help the knots to move. It's been a fascinating experience. I actually worked with Caroline around it some. Keep on with the awareness. You might also consider a technique called "Focusing." It will help to open up a dialogue. There was a retreat with David Rome on Tricycle magazine's website that instructs you how to do it, but I think you'd have to pay the $30 to become a member (and receive a wonderful magazine subscription)
Love :-) And happy birthday Sagittarius brother.