Saturday, November 05, 2011


The gesture of prayer and calling up to a higher power seems to be a fairly universal action. The action itself of putting your hands together, I have found, can be an extremely powerful and moving exercise. My experience with yoga has taught me to really explore the space of my body in different ways, detecting miniscule adjustments of muscle and bone, awareness and sensation.

Putting my hands together, I try to push equally in opposite directions, left towards right and right towards left. I try to feel all the pads of my fingers equally, each knuckle and all the edges of my palm. Trying to find that perfect balance, I can be overcome with such a deep sense of concentration -- a feeling that can take my breath away. So I breathe into it and try to find that connected balance.


ewa monika zebrowski said...

Very beautiful, powerful image!
Are these your hands?

Stefan said...

They are indeed my hands. Somehow maneuvred a timed photograph.