Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ode to the Goose Egg

Tess and I get excited when we see new things at the market (really, we just get excited by the market). So when we saw goose eggs lurking about, naturally, we got excited. And we bought two.

We weren't sure what to think of goose eggs, or at least our expectations of goose eggs. We had tried quail eggs (cute! precious! subtle & delicious!) and duck eggs (rubbery! weird! why-the-hell-would-you-use-these?). With a new type of egg the size of my palm, would it be great? Or would it be awful? The saleswoman assured us that 1 goose egg equaled 3 chicken eggs in volume, and perhaps the same ratio of richness too.

So we hard boiled one (more like soft boiled - only leaving it boiling for 8 minutes) and poached the other (taking a day in between to rest our palettes. The massive egg was difficult to poach, forming its own pod around the yolk and a train of nebula-like opalescent egg white. The hard-boiled white was almost pearl-escent.

The verdict? Rich, delicious. We'd do it again. Out with the duck and in with the goose.


Bryanna Alexis Thiel said...

Delicious plate! I had ostrich egg when I was in South Africa - one ostrich egg = 24 chicken eggs in volume. I am loving your exploration of food.

digital scale said...

Cool idea, thumb up!!