Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dating 2.0?

In the age of Web 2.0, I don't go searching for information, I let it all come to me. GoogleReader gathers all the posts from all the blogs I follow; I no longer know their www addresses. Facebook and Twitter exclaim the latest from friends, acquaintances and admired strangers. Access has become such as to reduce the effort, reduce the search. Let it all come to me.

If we are in this habit of minimal effort, how then does one seek out romantic partners? Have we become insta-judges, ready to ditch a person if first impressions don't come up to par? We are so preened to think of the way we present ourselves to the world.

How then can we encourage people to truly network and truly get to know one another? Who will take the initiative? Who will take the responsibility?

In an age where we expect things to come to us, what becomes of the phenomenon of dating?

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