Monday, April 12, 2010

Jazz at 72 Erskine

The modest yet thoughtful space of 72 Erskine took me by surprise. The three-storey building along Erskine Street can be easily missed, but shouldn’t be overlooked. Its carefully curated spaces and events encompass worlds of art, music, reflection and creativity. While I knew the gallery harnessed great creative potential, my last visit for the inaugural evening of Jazz at 72 for 2010 blew me away.

Thirty-odd people assembled on March 10 to hear the intimate concert of the duo of Mike Nock, on piano, and Craig Scott, on double bass. Both musicians, who both have more than 25 years facing the music, were obviously seasoned, and were superbly comfortable in the venue. I came to the concert without being a connoisseur and knew little about the type of music I would be hearing.

Then the music began. Playing a range of standards and original compositions, the two grey-haired musicians played with agility, almost choreographed, immersed in the purity of their music. Nock and Scott were a seamless duo, letting their syncopated tunes take over. The audience swayed, tapped their feet and moved their head to the music. I knew that I was witnessing a great art. Nock played the piano with a delicacy and power I have rarely seen. In the end, the fluidity of the notes of Nock and Scott transported all assembled on the ground floor of 72 Erskine. The jazzy evening left me feeling privileged, positively uplifted and enchanted. In my mind, Jazz at 72 is easily one of the best kept secrets of the Sydney scene.

The magic of Jazz at 72 continues on April 21 at 7 pm with the promising new talent of Steven Barry (piano) and Alex Boneham (double bass). Visit 72 Erskine’s website for more information.

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