Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Plan B(arista) Continued

After a few weeks of trying to find a job in the arts, and changing my CV many many times, I have relinquished and started also finding work in a café. I’ve been beating the pavement, asking every establishment if they are hiring and hoping to have a chance to show my skills.

It is quite something to go into many cool little cafes and just ask the question: are you hiring? Somehow the shy boy that once was is getting shoved to the wayside in the pursuit of employment. And it’s a good thing. I feel myself more confident in my skills and abilities than ever before. Very refreshing.

I did have two trials on a very lucky Thursday. I went into the first café and their answer to my question (are you hiring?) was “yes, but I don’t believe you can make coffee.” All of a sudden, I was under pressure. I tamped the coffee well, got it to pour properly. Then it was the milk, the moment of truth. Poured the milk, cleared the wand of possible excess milk and was whooshing with steam. But at the moment where the jug got too hot, I turned the nozzle but it didn’t stop. I fumbled and then turned it the other way but it was too late. The milk’s texture was ruined and I had made a mini-mess. I tried to cover my tracks by acknowledging exactly where I had gone wrong, but alas. Failure.

Luckily I had another trial down the street where it seemed like I had the job. I was so nervous. But I poured the drinks correctly enough. I felt good (although the machine was a weird one with a finicky handle). They said they may call the next day to have me work the weekend. Unfortunately they never did.

I’ve been to many other cafes, some of which said they were hiring. So, I am still following up. Here’s hoping for employment soon.

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Heidi said...

Hang in there young man... stand tall... you can do what you set your heart out to do.

We will miss you at Passover dear Stef... make sure you stay in Australia at least that long!!!