Tuesday, October 13, 2009

That New York Feeling

Around Lincoln Center, Broadway and Columbus cross and two streets create three, but somehow traffic flows and it works. Driving with my dad to load up the car, turning onto Broadway from 65th, he seemed to sum up why New York works best: you just do it.

In my last day in New York, I had felt that confidence, that unthinking, that living in the moment. In stores, I'd chitchat with the salespeople. In restaurant, I did not hesitate to ask for things when I normally would. For a reason I couldn't immediately place, I felt more confident in New York City. It seemed that in the populated and complex metropolis I could live up to my motto of the moment nothing to lose.

The city's size, and seemingly endless population, along with its energy and everchanging nature makes a person root into themselves. I can do my own thing, meet up with friends, go to a few art galleries. There is no need to do everything, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. In motion - on a bus, on a subway, walking - is when I work best, words bubble to mind, I feel like I am mirroring my life's motion. And it was in the constant motion of the city that I found confidence.


Vincent said...

I'm savouring the contradiction inherent in my intellectual abhorrence of New York, and oft-refreshed, never-yet-broken vow never to set foot on its streets; versus your description of the feeling which its streets evoke, a feeling which is dear to me.

Or is it that I'm savouring your excellent writing, so paradoxically persuasive?

Stefan said...

It may be the writing, and it may just be that nothing in life is ever so cut-and-dried or diametric

Thomas said...

i'm really feeling your take on NYC.