Thursday, July 23, 2009

On Being Impromptu

Last weekend I was set, I had made plans for Saturday and Sunday, here I was ready for an action-packed weekend. Then Saturday rolled around and I had trouble rolling out of bed and before I knew it the plans I had for the day were all canceled. Saturday lunch became Sunday lunch and beach plans hopped from Saturday to Sunday to Monday. Sunday I was 30 minutes late for yoga and missed the class.

But with cancellation of plans came new opportunities. Friends whom I didn't know were in town, out of the blue, popped out of the woodworks and within instants, plans formed.

At one moment or another I think most of us have wished that we could lead lives impromptu, ready for the moment, ready for that lunch rendezvous on the fly. But the thing really is to be so loose and ready, you kinda have to not have plans, a juggling dance, ready to adapt morph reschedule, replan and maintain balance.

I guess this all goes to say that you've got to remain open to new opportunities popping up and old plans falling apart... going forward with grace. Just as God laughs when man plans, you should start laughing too.

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