Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An overflowing and enthralling excerpt of Rawi Hage

There is something enthralling about Rawi Hage's De Niro's Game. He has such a descriptive, blunt and raw style. Sentences bubble over. Below, two sentences.

I lay on the bed and tried to sleep through the sound of the omnipresent engine, a sound that was loud but muffled like underwater signals from a clanking factory buried under seven layers of seas. I imagined a factory with armies of slave monkeys packing tuna in metal cans, and sticking on labels with esoteric languages, and arranging the cans in waterproof musical boxes screeching diabolic symphonies, and shipping them on the backs of seahorses to underwater villages filled with drowned soldiers, kidnapped maids, invading barbarians, treasure hunters and a princess who had been enslaved in a sealed bottle by a jinn with a single earring, and who was now waiting for a fisher to solve the riddle and take her back to her lost palace, where she would rejoin the caliphate in a garden of jasmine and amber, and stroll through the arches of Baghdad before the invading armies burned her favourite books and destroyed thousands of tales.

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Anonymous said...

what an ? what awesome? I don't know how to qualify it.. two sentences! Only two sentences!!!