Tuesday, March 10, 2009

chillin' in L.A.

Los Angeles, city of freeways and movie stars. While I didn't catch a glimpse of a celebrity (I am shocked at my disappointment), I certainly had my fair share of freeways and car-dominated asphalt landscapes. But I had been warned of the urban sprawl of the west coast metropolis. Coming from Montreal, I relished the sunshine and the spots of t-shirt weather, the palm-tree-lined streets and the proximity to the beach, the abundance of cultural/architectural landmarks/sanctuaries and an equally wide array of culinary hotspots.

I feel truly blessed to have been reunited with my bestest friend Angela and find a few more friendly faces along the way (Leah, Carly, Sergio, Mike, Aaron).

A few highlights:

- yoga classes in its secondary heartland

- meals at Gjelina and Mozza with Angela

- road rage and other road adventures (see trials with GPS)

- the swooping curves and delft porcelain fountain of the Walt Disney Center

- the astonishing expanse of LA as seen from the Griffith Observatory

- shameless partying in WeHo

- an extensive culinary tour complete with tastings at the Farmer's Market

- meeting Angela's cute cute parents!

- the breathtaking outer peristyle of the Malibu Getty with a view out to the Pacific

- finding sanctuary in the grid of the Meier Getty

- the many conversations and moments with friends

- getting in free to museums (thank you CCA!)

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