Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When Celsius meets Farenheit

This morning, I put on three pairs of socks. The forecast for the day only put the high at -20C (with the low at -33C/-27F), so I thought I would dress up to prevent the unfortunately likely event that my toes fall off. I've got this thing called Raynaud's Syndrome. Basically, if I don't wear the right footwear, my toes go white and I am in a lot of pain. My doctor has told me to move to a warm climate. "You're young, you have time," she said.

And today was only proof that I do indeed need to get on that plan to move. In parts of Quebec, it was colder than it is at the North Pole. Armed (Footed?) with three pairs of socks and wearing long underwear and the thickest sweater I own, I trekked out into the world. The cold was like a force, working its way through my pants instantly and cooling my legs. It was like fingers slipping under and behind my eyeballs. It is such a penetrating cold. Thankfully it is not windy, not yet. There are still two more days of this type of weather forecast...

In the US, they would declare a state of emergency or something. In fact, last Saturday in Boston (I was visiting), with 4-6 inches of snow, the city of Cambridge declared a State of Emergency. Pa-thetic. I've heard that schools in Rhode Island are closing because of the cold tomorrow. And in Canada? We move right on. I went to yoga, went into work, and am going out to a dance concert tonight. Cold? Put on another layer, you'll be fine. Sure the weather can seem a little ridiculous, almost inhuman. But we Canadians, we're intrepid and always up for the challenge.

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Katie said...

Canadians in the cold: I will never understand you, but I do salute you.


Me, I high-tail it to Southern California for the 85 degree winter days.

Please take care! I know how that Raynaud's shit can be...