Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I can tell when you're happy and when you're sad. It's in your eyes. - E. Zebrowski

Passion. when it comes to career-finding and 9-to-5-working. "passion" is one of those buzzwords you can't escape. It's a word that, for me, embodies a beautiful idea but quickly falls from its bastion of beauty to the shunned valley of cliche'. Even so, it has been on my mind.

You can see emotion - it's in the eye and it's in the gesture. My mentioning interior architecture to an unsuspecting architect last week caused her pupils to expand and her body to turn into the conversation. On the show I love, So You Think You Can Dance, some dancers perform with such passion that you feel it - it transports you into emotion. As my mother said, emotion can be communicated. I believe that you can feel genuine emotion, feel the enrgy transmitted by a person - in real life, on TV, in a still image.

When it comes to work, I want to feel that passion, want to continually chase after it, feeding the fire in my eye, lighting up at the mention of it (whatever it is). Incendiary inspiration. It's something everyone should have. But to invent that fire (a task not everyone can do), you need to try, explore, and test until, finally, the sparks take.

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