Friday, April 11, 2008

Taking a Sinister Turn

Last night, I rejoiced. Finally, I could make one of Susan's gigs. Every time Susan's band, The Sinister Turns, has had a gig in the past few months, I've been busy, or out of town, or on the moon, or sick, or needing to sleep, or whatever. The heavens have been particularly unfavorable. But, last night, after the most glorious of sun-shining days, I could make it.

Now the gig was in the Quincy Cage. And all I knew about the Quincy Cage was that it was in the basement of Quincy. Perhaps there was a staircase that just went downwards from the Dining Hall? There used to be. No more. So I started snooping around, being, of course, too confident in my manly ways to ask for directions. I took the elevator down.

When I got to the lower level, I heard music. But as I waited a bit and wandered, I knew the sound of trumpets and guitars definitely wasn't the type of gig I was looking for. I had found the Harvard Mariachi Band. Right. They're fantastic but I came here to support Susan, not the Mariachis! So I went to the end of the hallway. Nada. Maybe the other way? And sure enough I got to the cage to the jamming and multi-musical skills of FunkHarp (, a really fun band. And within an hour, The Sinister Turns took to the stage in all their giddy energy and fun songs. So happy to hear them live. Unfortunately, if you want to hear them you're just going to have to check out their myspace page:

Maybe someday, the heavens will be favorable for you too and you'll hear them live :P

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