Thursday, March 15, 2007

College Tourist

So I haven't written in forever. The whole reintegration, getting used to the pace of life thing sort of took over. I find myself very busy: putting together a final thesis proposal, reading all the time in english, french and italian, writing at least three short papers a week and dealing with la vita. I may have lost a bit of the Italian lifestyle, be less involved in making my food, drink less wine, and have less time to reflect, but I am still that blossomed individual who returned from Italy aware of what he wants, what he likes, and how he likes to dress.

Another practice that I haven't given up is the casual tourist photography. Keeping my camera with me with my notebooks, I find myself looking up and noticing the beautiful details of my everyday. So in part to make up for my absence, and in part to assuage my exhaustion from a day filled with work, movie screenings and midterms: I give you the latest photographic project of Stefan and his endless journey in life. (Thanks Heidi for the nudge)

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Heidi said...

Back by popular demand!! :-)