Friday, October 13, 2006

One Please

Welcome to the emotional rollercoaster that is study abroad. Even though you were given a curve of your general emotions that begins in a peak, dips to a trough and then plateaus, every single day feels like a sine curve.

Today was a bit of a Godsend. Granted my Italian literature class still doesn’t have a professor and thus still didn’t begin, I went to discover two other classes that would help flesh out my schedule: Sociology of Art and History of Theatre. I was just so happy. The professors spoke clearly, the lectures were interesting, the reading was well elaborated, the schedules were either stable or well explained. Today was a good day. I found classes 2 and 3, they exist and they seem great.

Yesterday however, I was not doing so well. I had dipped right into negativity and faced another schedule change. This new schedule changed created a barrage of conflicts in my schedule and massacred a whole bunch of courses. I am a person who relishes stability, obeys deadlines, works hard to get things in on time and as planned. Italy isn’t exactly a perfect match for me. Good for vacations but a tough bet for education. But I am strapped in, I am ready to go and the ride has only just begun.

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