Friday, July 07, 2006

Nice Cold Rain

Breaking the heat of Milan, yesterday it rained. I was downtown when the city got a sneak preview of weather to come, sprinkling large drops from the sky. As if it were a drop of detergent on an oily surface (you know how the oil just runs away), everyone ran for cover in the covered walkways. I did too at first, but then, looking around me at the people waiting out the water, I decided they were dumb. "Vain... ridiculous" I muttered as I walked across the abandoned Piazza Duomo. Fashion conscious, aesthetically driven, why can't they all just live a little? The rain quickly finished and I went home.

After returning from a swim and Matilde had gone out to find some shoes downtown, the sky became menacingly dark and wild thunder storms broke loose. Sheets of water fell from the sky, what seemed like tons of vertical streams. In the wind you could see plenty of water being transported across the red roofs of the apartment complex. And with the rain came cool breezes. Thunder relieved the heat with satisfying intensity. All the while, Matilde was still out there somewhere. Within half an hour she returned, soaked but beaming. See, Mati absolutely loves the rain, and wandered the streets amidst the downpour.

So today it is nice and cool out, beautiful sunny weather. A promise of a nice weekend. I head for Venice in 2.5 hours, I couldn't be more thrilled. There will be plenty of adventures to recount next week, so for now I keep it short and sweet. Ciao.

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Allen said...

We got rain yesterday and the day before...same sheets and sheets of liquid awesomeness...and for once a cool evening afterwards. Who'sscared of a little rain? It's liquid sunshine, or at least that's what we said on one hiking trip after non seeing sunlight for a whole week.