Friday, February 24, 2006

Wait! Wait! Wait

So, yesterday, I exploded.
Vented because I thought I couldn't express myself openly on this thing called a blog, out in the freedom of the world wide web.
But, today, I say: fuck it. That age-old motto initiated by me and Susie a short two years ago (but how long it now feels).
The words I write here aren't perfect, the ideas are raw, the subject matter is, thus, bound to be rough. But it is also liable to be pure, hard, appealing. It could be violent, calm, sexual, senile.
So I start again, to write like never before (though I know I'll go through times when I don't write) and let it all hang out, because too often we seek to cover up, hide, change, brush off who we are because of others.
Now, this doesn't mean that I'll be writing spectacular nonsense, laced with malicious intent and sexual fantasy. No. Just pure feeling, more of what I am. So I'll let it go. If you're offended, let's talk. If you think it's about you, let's talk. If you think it's wonderful, let's talk. If you think it's horrendous, let's talk. If I've learned anything about people, family, relationships, it's that talking about things, calling to simply say good morning, running into a friend and sharing genuine feelings, is all the brick and mortar that builds real bridges between people.
Ugh sap.
Bring on the misery.

Note: I draw inspiration from torment, questions, injustices.... happiness, while present in my life in ample amounts, doesn't oft find venting through my words.

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D. Caplan said...

It's interesting, I actually feel "explosive" the same way but in a physical sense (probably since I can't write nearly as well as you), so I'm just waiting to see what happens in the future :)