Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Under water

I've looked at the images online of the devastation Katrina has left in the south-east US. There was an article on CNN telling the story of one woman's endless attempts to get her husband's dead body to the hospital. No one would help her, everyone was focused on saving the living, not burrying the dead. The value of a human life breathing then is more than one without potential. The dead that lie among us will be left to fester while the living try to live. The world just continues to blacken as we try to save all those in New Orleans.

And with that, I don't feel much like writing any more. It's started to rain here and I want to go take a swim. Water sustains life but, as we all can see, can also destroy it. This isn't a good feeling, but life is full of these circular concepts that can dip into the blackness of ink while still remaining pristinely white on the other side.

Here's to coming out of the darkness.

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